Katie Dey

Katie Dey, piano teacher, flute teacher, Nelson

Katie Dey

Piano, Violin

Classical piano, classical violin

Trained as a Suzuki piano and Suzuki violin teacher


Katie has played piano and violin since childhood and has taught music to children on and off since she was a teenager.

Skills and expertise

Katie Dey teaches piano and violin by the Suzuki method to students aged 3 years to adult. She also teaches music theory using cards and games.

The Suzuki method (also known as the “mother tongue method”) is based on the way that children pick up their native language and involves learning initially by ear. A CD of simple music is played at home in the background every day, so that the student is surrounded by the music that they will learn to play.

As they learn, they are encouraged to pick out the pieces on the CD by ear and by copying the teacher (and parent). Parental involvement is an important component of the method.

Classes incorporate individual lessons with the teacher, group classes, music theory and music reading using cards and games.