Joachim Lang

Joachim Lang, Guitar teacher Nelson

Joachim Lang


Popular music, rock, folk, bluegrass, classical, blues, jazz, world music, punk, reggae, soul, music theory

Graduate Diploma in teaching and learning (Christchurch University), Masters Degree (Technical University Berlin)


Joachim is a NZ registered teacher and has been playing guitar and mandolin for over 45 years. He teaches all styles including contemporary pop, rock, folk, reggae, jazz, classical and more.

Joachim’s main focus is to stimulate learning through a fun and positive environment so students remain encouraged and interested. He has a sound understanding of how best to support students’ learning, development and individual needs. He teaches standard but also DADGAD and Drop D tunings. He regularly performs at community events.

Lessons usually start with learning chords then different scales and melodies, advancing to improvising and theory.

Skills and expertise

Joachim started having guitar lessons at the age of 9. He then learned mandolin and bouzouki as well as tin whistle and bodhran at the age of 16. Continuing his musical career, he studied acoustics and electronics at the Technical University of Berlin including electronic music and communication technology.