JF Robert

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JF Robert

Piano, Violin


CNR Diplomas (France)


Jean François Robert has a life-long involvement with music and 25 years of music teaching experience in Paris, including violin, piano and orchestra workshops.

Skills and expertise

JF started performing both piano and violin in concert when he was 10 years old. He studied the violin and chamber music in Paris with Alexis Galperine and Devy Erlih (teachers at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris). At the age of 21 he was Mr Erlih’s assistant during the Chanac music course.

Jean-François has taught the violin and the piano for 25 years in Paris. Immersed in Paris’ cultural life since his childhood, he has given and organised hundreds of concerts, played in several French orchestras, written music articles for French newspaper Le Monde, and has published several novels and photographs.

After falling in love with New Zealand and moving here in 2011, JF realised he could bring some of his experience, talent, and passion for classical music to Kiwi communities. Together with his partner Claire Rouault, he founded Piano on Tour in 2012 – www.pianoontour.org. In 2016, he was director of the Resonnance Foundation in Switzerland (a yearly programme of 400 concerts and music masterclasses in 6 different countries).

Jean-Francois has also founded an artist retreat in Marahau known as Space Between.