Daniel Christoffersen

TCMA STring Orchestra (51)

Daniel Christoffersen

Arranging, Band Dynamics, Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Contemporary Guitar, Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Jazz Theory, Music Theory, Musicianship, Songwriting, Ukulele

All styles and genres - Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, Flamenco. Lessons also available focusing on composition/song writing, theory and recording.

Bachelor of Classical Music - Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts


Daniel has been studying music since the age of six. Since then, he has graduated with a Bachelor of Classical Music from the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

He has performed throughout Australia, Co-owned the Rockingham Music Academy in Western Aus, built a private teaching career that has lasted almost seventeen years and has three releases with his progressive rock band Agnesis.

He has performed and composed for solo classical guitar, guitar quartets and bands. Now he spends most of his time writing and recording for his band, playing jazz and composing for film.

Skills and expertise

Daniel’s teaching method revolves around technique, theory and focusing on the styles and genres that the student enjoys.

Technique: This includes using a pick and/or finger picking, rhythm/feel and tone. Daniel believes that with good technique, all students can eventually play even the most difficult and virtuosic pieces.

Theory: Note reading, harmony (how to build chords, progressions and melodies), transcribing, composing and improvising.
A good understanding of theory will allow the student to master any style or genre of music.

Songs and genres the student enjoys: Learn to play your favourite songs or compositions whether it be Bach or Steve Vai.
Students must enjoy the music that they practice, otherwise most will find it difficult to keep motivated.