Brett Holland


Brett Holland

Bass Guitar, Composition, Guitar, Songwriting, Ukulele

Contemporary, pop, jazz, blues, rock and original

Jazz Diploma, Wellington Conservatorium of Music


I began playing guitar at 15 after several years of piano. While at school I enjoyed getting together with like minded friends to write and perform songs. So I then went to the Wellington Music Conservatorium and studied Jazz under Geoff Hughes and Leigh Jackson.

Previously when living in Nelson I ran the Mister Nobody Quintet and played in over 50 situations including  NYT productions of Les Miserables and Godspell, Sharon O’Neill, Midge Marsden, Ubercat with Liam Ryan, amoung others. Taught at NMIT, Nelson College for Girls, Garin College and privately. In this time I taught Callum Allardice (N.Z. Jazz Composition of the year 3x) and Caleb Nott (Broods).

In 2011 moved to the U.S. for 5 years, working part time for guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel (who had previously mentored me), travelling, touring, recorded 2 albums, and playing the resorts in Hawaii.

From 2016-2021 I was based in South East Queensland performing and teaching, running bands and composition at a private school.

Currently I write and record for Fuse Box Social, perform as Brett Hallam Holland and the occasional covers gig as Mister Nobody.

Skills and expertise

Brett teaches all ages and abilities following a path of musical education through the musical tastes of students. With guitar being a relatively easy instrument to pick up and then be creative, Brett quickly has students finding their niche and enjoyment.

Core competencies include: Written music and notation, harmonic knowledge, playing by ear, songwriting and composition, developing performance confidence, recording, band or group development, project management.

Guitar skillset: Scales and modal systems, chords systems and families, rhythm /percussion, improvisation, two handed tapping, odd times, fingerstyle, thumb-picking, plectrum, playing with other people and performing. Covering popular, jazz, blues, rock and traditional.