Bo Ade-Simpson

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Bo Ade-Simpson


Blues, Looping, Rock, Punk, Pop, Indie,

Bachelor of Commerce and Music


I am an active professional Musician, I tour Nationally with my own original music. I have performed on stages all sizes infront of many 1000s of people. I have opened for many top artists including; Bic Runga, Jason Kerrison (Opshop), Albi and the Wolves, Mako Road, Greg Johnson and many more. I have fully recorded and produced my own Album and also others artists too,

Skills and expertise

My style focuses a lot on Improvising, flow state and jamming. My students develop skills that allow them to create their own music and also be able to fit in with others. I teach my students to understand the guitar in a way that is personalised to them, allowing the freedom of expression when playing, this gives them the chance to create their own style and be their own guitarist.

My teaching style is a blending of Rhythm and chords partnered with melodic lead/ single notes and finger plucking. This gives the student the ability to play Rhythm and lead at the same time (accompanying themselves).

My inspirations; Dire Straits, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac..

Age is not a problem for me. I have taught all ages, I like to teach passionate people