Annemieke Harmonie


Annemieke Harmonie


The harp is very versatile and Annemieke teaches most genres including classical, Celtic, South American, cover songs and Renaissance.

Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching


Annemieke has studied the classical harp for 15 years with different teachers in Holland. She played in the North Holland Youth Orchestra. She then travelled the world with a Celtic Harp and collected a wealth of folk music from different countries. She performed the harp world-wide and has made 6 CD’s.

Skills and expertise

Annemieke includes sight reading, composition, music theory, emotion, imagination, problem solving, creating arrangements, duets, and technical skills in her lessons, activating both sides of the brain. If you want to sing with the harp she can help you too.

Rental harps are available if you want to try it before you buy.

Please note, if you have dyslexia or difficulty with sight reading, Annemieke specialises in this field and has helped people who thought they could never learn to sight read.