Angela Radcliffe

Angela Radcliffe, french horn teacher, Nelson

Angela Radcliffe

French Horn

Classical to modern; solo, ensemble and orchestral



Angela began learning the horn at age 11 and won a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in London (RAM) as a Junior Exhibitioner. She became a full time RAM student and took the graduate course. She played in the RAM First Orchestra and was fortunate to experience playing under world class conductors. Angela was also a member of the Hertfordshire County Youth Orchestra and has played in the Royal Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall on several occasions as a member of both of these orchestras, even in front of royalty.

Angela then began Primary School teaching and completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education whilst continuing to play in various orchestras and ensemble groups.

Angela moved to NZ in 2007 and lives between Nelson and Blenheim. She plays in the Nelson Symphony Orchestra and the Marlborough Civic Orchestra.

Skills and expertise

Angela is keen to pass on her love of music and the French horn in particular. She believes that music enriches lives at beginner level through to diploma status whether a player is 9 or 90. Encouragement and clear, achievable steps are the key to maintaining progress. She enjoy supporting students to promote engagement and motivation by making music alongside them.

Angela’s lessons include:

  • technique
  • care and maintenance of the horn
  • musicianship (phrasing, intonation)
  • theory (for playing pieces accurately).

The French horn is Angela’s particular area of expertise although she is happy to teach theory of music to students who have reached Grade V instrumental level and want to progress to Grade VI. These students will need to have passed the Grade V theory paper.