Alexander King


Alexander King

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano

Jazz, Rock, Blues, Electronic

Bachelor of Music Technology


I am an experienced multi-instrumentalist, music technologist, and composer.  From a young age, I developed an interest in jazz while growing up in cities such as New Orleans and Houston. During my school years, I took part in music programs which inspired me to learn the piano and guitar in Jazz, Rock, and Blues. From that point forward I became fascinated with song-writing and composition. From here I was accepted into the Music Technology program at the Queensland Conservatorium where I achieved a bachelor’s degree in music technology. While studying, I taught private instrumental and composition lessons on guitar and piano privately and through primary schools and music academies.

Skills and expertise

I am a jack of all trades in my teaching methods.  

I help my students develop their influences and refine their goals for what they want to accomplish. I teach skills in instrumental training, jazz theory, composition, and music production techniques.  

In my lessons, I guide my students through ear training exercises. This I believe is a core part of developing musical expression and composition training.  I also believe that musicians should take advantage of new technologies that can help with musical exploration and development. I use tools such as digital audio workstations, interactive digital interfaces, and audio sampling machines. This enables my students to explore new possibilities in an encouraging and creative environment.