Preschool Music Class (3-5 years)

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Preschool Music Class (3-5 years)

Class Teacher(s):

Percussion, Recorder, Singing

From classical through to world music.


Our Preschool Music Class covers the musical elements appropriate to the age and stage of the children. Each class encourages development of rhythmic, vocal, creative and physical skills through singing, movement, use of percussion instruments and other tactile props. Many types of music including classical, world, popular, children’s music (NZ composers and world) are used.

Simple elements of musical notation are introduced during the term and instruments such as recorders may be used as students progress.

The outcome for students attending our programme is for them to gain a sound understanding of basic musical skills, including rhythm, singing and notation; to nurture their love of music and encourage them to continue learning into their primary school years and further.

Students must be a member of NCMA before joining this class.