Piano – Kids Free Beginner Class


Piano – Kids Free Beginner Class

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This piano class provides an affordable option for learning an instrument in a group setting. Classes will run depending on interest and require a minimum of 3 students so bring a friend and join the fun!

•Commit to each term.
•Put aside 20 mins minimum in the day to practice.
•Share contact details with the group.

This will resemble a small piano club.

Students will cover:

• The geography of the keyboard.
• Musical alphabet, notation.
• Improvisation.
• Using a melody as a base and building upon it.
• When ready – composition.

Tuition is for 8 weeks per term.

Commitment to regular attendance is important so that the class can progress together.

Please note that all students need to be enrolled at NCMA and are expected to organise their own instrument.