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Music therapy is a therapeutic intervention. Music is the tool used by trained therapists to help individuals grow emotionally, physically, and cognitively. 

In New Zealand all registered music therapists (NZRMTh) hold a Masters degree, relevant undergraduate degrees, and have specialised experience in the field of music therapy. New Zealand Registered Music therapists adhere to the ethical obligations set by the governing body Music Therapy New Zealand Registration Board. For more information visit

Music therapy is now offered at NCMA. There are two options: 1. As an affordable music group or 2. As individual music therapy sessions through case-by-case negotiation with each music therapist.

Music therapy differs from music tuition as its goal is about building relationships, connection and communication through the journey of music. A music therapist practises holistically. This means that they look at the whole client and their place in the world.

Nelson Tasman Music Therapy Collective (NTMTC)  consists of three music therapists who collaborate together but who also have their own separate businesses. They adhere to MENZA guidelines for the delivery of their services. For more information visit