Electronic Music Production – Affordable Group Class


Electronic Music Production – Affordable Group Class

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Electronic Music Production



This class gives students the opportunity to create music using Logic Pro X on a Macintosh computer.


You will learn how to:

1. Use a MIDI keyboard to record software instruments
2. Use Real-Time and Step-Time recording methods
3. Use pre-recorded loops
4. Use a microphone to record an instrument
5. Edit and arrange your recorded tracks
6. Mixdown your tracks and create an MP3 file of your composition/song to share online

Please bring a USB flash drive of at least 4GB with you to each class to save your work on (all other equipment will be provided).
Tuition is for 8 weeks per term.


These classes provide an affordable option for learning an instrument in a group setting. Classes will run depending on interest and require a minimum of 3 students, so bring a friend and join the fun!