Composition – Affordable Group Class


Composition – Affordable Group Class

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Our compositions affordable group class offers weekly feedback and mentoring for the piece(s) of music we’re working on during class time.

Classes include:

  1. Types of 21st century art music; areas/directions currently being explored and the cultural impact of finding the beauty in weird and wacky music
  2. Different ways of composing music, and the merits and relevance of each approach for particular types of music (I mean this in the most practical sense)
  3. Ways of evaluating a piece of music; is there consensus on what constitutes a good piece of music? Is there such a thing as bad music?
  4. Learning how to take the most advantage of feedback and the art constructive criticism
  5. Composing for others or for limited ensembles, inspiration through constraints while still nurturing your own voice.
  6. Stepping outside of your comfort zone through different mediums and genres.

These classes provide an affordable option for learning about composition in a group setting. Classes will run depending on interest and require a minimum of 3 students so bring a friend and join the fun!