Ukulele – Adult Affordable Group Class

Adult Ukelele

Ukulele – Adult Affordable Group Class

Class Teacher(s):


Contemporary, pop, jazz


Adult advanced ukulele: Thursday 6:30 pm

Adult intermediate ukulele: Wednesday 12:30 pm

These classes are focused on ukulele playing for intermediate and advanced players. Classes will involve working on chords, strumming and some finger picking along with singing.

A new song will be introduced each week concentrating on having fun, learning new ideas of how to play ukulele as well as singing (at the same time as playing ukulele) on each tune.

Lessons will benefit your finger dexterity, musicality, chord knowledge, rhythm knowledge and vocal chords.

Warning: You might enjoy it.

Tuition is for 8 weeks per term.

Commitment to regular attendance is important so that the class can progress together.

Students must be a member of NCMA before joining this class.

These classes provide an affordable option for learning an instrument in a group setting. Classes will run depending on interest and require a minimum of 3 students so bring a friend and join the fun!