Director’s Post April 2018

Auditorium 1900s

Building a Home for Music Lovers Across the Nelson-Tasman Region

In June 1894, the people of Nelson rallied to the challenge of building a school ‘to give sound instruction at moderate fees in practical and theoretical music and to raise the present standard of musical entertainment and performance’. Almost 124 years later, following an extensive strengthening and building project, the School of Music Auditorium will open its doors again to the public in the middle of this month.

Herr Balling’s vision, of a community active in learning about and creating music, remains our guiding mandate. We hope you will find much joy and inspiration in hearing and appreciating music here, but in naming this organisation a school Balling also set a challenge:

You might find yourself wrapping your ears around a style of music you haven’t heard before, or understanding a little about the history, culture and geography that inspired its creation. You might learn an instrument, or play in a concert band, big band or orchestra. You might even be inspired to offer to help with more practical matters, helping us run and promote events, providing administrative support or raising funds to help us maintain and even grow the range of activities we offer. Whatever your skills, your passion and your interests, we hope to have something here that will engage you in music-making while we entertain you.

Take Balling’s challenge, and let me know what the Centre of Musical Arts can provide that will help you get started. Through that connection with you, through listening to your musical dreams and aspirations, we hope to build not just a house, but a home for Nelson’s music-lovers.

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