Introducing NCMA: Nelson Centre of Musical Arts


An exciting transformation and new beginnings

Today, we are pleased to announce a new name for Nelson School of Music.

Our new brand was launched this week, initially to our staff, teachers, partner organisations, our funding partners and major donors from within our community.

Nelson School of Music will now be known as the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts.

The process of introducing a new name and visual identity has involved a year-long consultation with our communities.

Why change the name?

It is the job of our trustees to ensure that our organisation survives and stays relevant for another 100 years. The redevelopment of our facilities allows us to transform the way we deliver our musical offerings and services. Our identity needs to align with this and be fit for the modern era.

Providing clarity for all

To the outside world there is confusion around who we are and what we do. We’re not a school in the traditional sense and there is a perception amongst many that we are an elite and exclusive organisation that focuses on classical music and musical training for only those who can afford it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We are also much more than an education provider, we are a performance venue and venue hire is a vital core service that we offer.

Our name, visual identity and strategy will help us to correct these misunderstandings and will also provide relevancy to all our varied customers, ranging from music students, performers, audiences, event managers and concert producers.

Our new name provides everyone with clarity about who we are and what we do and will ensure that there are no barriers to anyone wishing to take part in music or musical arts in the Nelson-Tasman region.

Acknowledging our history

We must not lose sight of our history, however. Our unique and colourful past and our buildings permanently remind us of our heritage. To reflect this, our auditorium will be known as the Nelson School of Music Auditorium.

Thank you for your support

We would like to thank all those who have helped the Nelson School of Music transition to an exciting new future. This includes funders, contractors, staff, supporters and volunteers – all those who believed in and embraced a change.

We confidently look forward to your continuing support as NSOM enters the new NCMA era.

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