Building Progress – Kidson Building

nelson school of music auditorium

We’re back home

After 4 years of being homeless, we received the keys for the Kidson Building on Monday 15th January and have been slowly moving back in.

The NCMA team will be based on the ground floor and there are 4 studios on the first floor that will be ready for lessons from Term 1.

The next step is for the carpet tiles to be laid and for the team to decide on the layout of all the office furniture!

Elsewhere in the complex, work is progressing and we expect the installation of the Cawthron Organ to begin at the end of February. There are 1800 organ pipes to be installed and they will take up the entire floor space of the Auditorium and a shipment container.

Here’s a little video we did to give you a tour of the Kidson Building.

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